National Financial Corporation Announced An Increase Of 75% In Credit Approvals In 2018

A 75% increase in credit approvals for the manufacturing, agricultural, construction and fishing sectors occurred between January and July 2018, according to the National Financial Corporation announced by a press release on Saturday.

The registration of the CFN B.P., in the first seven months, shows that $ 569.26 million were approved, on average, for the four productive sectors.

These approvals were doubled about the same period of 2017 when only an amount of $ 267.85 million was recorded.

Credits For Entrepreneurs And SMEs In Ecuador

The increase in these management indicators has had a positive impact on 11 economic sectors and in at least 19 provinces of Ecuador. Credit approvals have made possible an increase in the generation of employment in Quito and Guayaquil with a higher number of jobs, especially in construction and manufacturing, according to the statement.

For the Chairman of the Board, Juan Carlos Jacome, the positive indicators presented today by CFN B.P. they show that through public banking, the favorable environment has been created to finance and promote plans and projects that allow changes in national production. “That is our goal, and we are fulfilling them,” he said.

The guayaquilenos are the ones that best pay the credits

Also, he mentioned that the progress of new projects and ventures are due to the confidence and security that entrepreneurs have towards the management of the Corporation, which, according to Jacome, has become a strategically for the development and growth of your business.