One Of The Least Polluting And Silent Aircraft Landed In Guayaquil

Julio Iglesias fell on Tuesday in Guayaquil. Sure, not the Spanish singer, but a Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner named after him. The Air Europa aircraft arrived from Sao Paulo (Brazil) to pick up passengers leaving at midday at the Barajas airport in Madrid.

The particularity of this visit is that it is a ship of the last generation Boeing manufacturer. It consumes less fuel and generates fewer carbon emissions than aircraft of similar size. And its landing is quieter.

Air Europa received this plane two years ago as part of a new fleet incorporation plan. This aircraft currently does not cover the regular route to Guayaquil, but the Spanish airline has been conducting tests with this equipment in various markets. In July he spent a few hours in the city before going to Sao Paulo.

The plane entered the northern area of the Jose Joaquin de Olmedo airport on Tuesday and, despite its size, the sound generated by its engines was hardly noticeable. When it introduced this series, Boeing indicated that the 787 have an acoustic impact that is 60% lower than that of other models, which means less noise for nearby populations.

The windows of this model are 30% larger than the 767 and have better control of luminosity.